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ATR company specializes in mechanized repair of construction facilities for various purposes. We professionally carry out external and internal finishing works using specialized equipment in residential, industrial, private and commercial buildings.

Our company actively implements effective construction technologies for interior decoration. The main activity of the company is the mechanization of the most labor–intensive repair operations that were previously carried out manually.

Qualified personnel with extensive practical experience, as well as automation of production allows us to perform finishing work professionally and efficiently, regardless of volume.

Manual methods are more time-consuming and expensive. Mechanized methods significantly reduce the repair time, save physical and material resources. They are especially indispensable in the construction of large facilities, with time constraints.

For interior and exterior decoration we offer a complex of construction and repair services:

  • plaster;
  • putty;
  • painting;
  • floor screed.

We provide additional types of automated operations: grout, grinding, application of primers, textured coatings.

Advantages of the automation process

The use of machine construction methods provides a number of tangible advantages:
  • reduction of labor costs;
  • reduction of repair time;
  • high-quality result;
  • low material consumption;
  • cost savings.

Automation of complex processes facilitates the preparation and application of formulations.


Equipment for mechanized plastermechanized putty with the use of equipmentFinishing and roughing works in a mechanized wayRough finishing works using professional equipment

We use various types of equipment operating in automatic mode – from mini-equipment to special stations. They differ in size, performance, and set of functions. Their choice depends on the characteristics of the object, the scope of application and the nature of the upcoming tasks. The devices are designed for self-preparation of building mortars from dry mixes and performing rough finishing works.

Mechanized methods of internal and external processing allow you to avoid many difficulties, they have many advantages:

  1. Applying compositions under pressure provides maximum adhesion to the base, which increases the strength of the coating.
  2. The perfect flatness of the surfaces is achieved by evenly distributing the material with a layer of the desired thickness.
  3. Automatic mixing mode makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous composition of mixtures and a certain consistency in accordance with the specified parameters.
  4. Economical consumption of material, thanks to the precise dosage of components.

Technological features of mechanized finishing methods

Machine processes can be used on any objects. They allow not only to significantly reduce the complexity of repair operations, but also to increase the quality of their performance.


Several types of plaster are used for automated processing:

  • gypsum – for interior decoration;
  • cement – for exterior treatment of facades;
  • thermal insulation – for insulation and moisture insulation of surfaces.


When carrying out repairs, you can not do without putty. It helps to level the surface of the walls, prepare it for finishing. Automatic methods speed up this process. Thanks to the putty station with the kneading function, the time for preparation of the composition and its application is reduced.

The device strictly measures the dose of the supplied mixture, stirring the contents regularly. As a result, the putty lies in an even layer without streaks.


Painting of surfaces is carried out with the help of special devices, by the method of airless pneumatic spraying of paint. This allows you to get a uniform coating and achieve saving of the coloring solution. The tool has special nozzles that regulate the volume of spraying.

Floor screed

With the help of a mechanized floor screed, you can create a high-quality coating in the shortest possible time. Leveling is carried out with a cement-sand mixture with the addition of reinforcing fibers to it. This method is characterized by the absence of defects, it eliminates the need for additional correction.

The construction company "ATR" performs a complex of mechanized finishing works at favorable prices, in a short time and with a guarantee.

To place an order, use the feedback form on the website. To get a consultation and a preliminary calculation of the cost, call by phone.

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